10 Tips For a Successful Laundry Day!

1) Use Less Detergent

More detergent doesn’t always mean cleaner laundry! Using too much can result in leftover dried up detergent on your finished clothes.

2) Beat the Clock on Stains

When you’re dealing with a stain, don’t just throw it in the pile and wait for the next wash. Right after you catch the stain, soak in cold water, apply stain remover and throw it in the wash asap!

3) Put a Stop to Fading

Try turning all dark colored garments inside out. Do this and it’ll be a long time before you see that fade!

4) Stop Shrinking Those Clothes

When it doubt, use a cold water cycle! Your clothes still get washed without the risk of shrinking your favorite blouse!

5) Keep the Shine in Those Whites

Are your whites not what they used to be? Keep them fresh by not overloading your washer. Try a small cycle with cold water and you’ll see those whites looking fresh every time!

6) Eliminate Wrinkles

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