Common Laundry Mistakes and How To Fix Them

When it comes to dealing with dirty washing, our first (and often only) thought is to clean the offending clothes. We rarely stop to think about how best to wash them and preserve their condition. Laundry mistakes happen to us all, but that’s no reason to leave our ruined clothes high and dry and without a solution. Thankfully, most laundry errors can be corrected. Here are common laundry mishaps and how best to fix them.

Not sorting by color

Laundry needs to be sorted by color in order to obtain the best results. We’ve all left a red sock in with a white load – it’s an easy mistake to make. Get into the habit of sorting your laundry into two piles: pastels, beige, and light greys and into another pile of reds, navy, browns, and blacks.

Not sorting before washing

The easiest way to keep your laundry sorting tasks manageable is to sort each day when you remove your clothes. Throwing everything into one big pile means that the task of doing laundry seems overwhelming and tedious. Have separate laundry hampers for white, lights, and dark colors as well as dry clean only garments. Pre-sorting laundry is a simple, albeit important, task in the laundry process.


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