DIY Ironing Hacks

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. Big date? Big job interview? You want to look your best, and your best usually requires ironing. Unfortunately, this is the time when irons like to disappear or go out on you. Or maybe you’re just now realizing you don’t even own an iron (throwback to my college days!). And we all know how unreliable irons can be at hotels! Don’t worry, we got you covered! Check out our DIY ironing hacks below and you’ll be ready in any situation!

Febreeze/Dry Combo

This trick goes way back and has gotten us out of a few tight spots! Febreeze gives it an extra clean touch, but you can also use regular water. Just give it a few sprays and chuck it in the drier for 3 minutes and watch those wrinkles disappear! This is probably the easiest way to get the job done, but not everyone has access to a drier. Luckily we have a plan B!

Hot Shower

Want to hit two birds with one stone?? Hang up your clothes in the bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower. The steam will help de-crease your clothes. Just make sure to close all windows and doors to keep that steam inside!

Makeshift Iron

No iron? No big deal! Just grab a blow drier and a hair straightener. Use the straightener on lighter fabrics while blasting them with hot air from the blow drier. Bonus, now your hair straightener is all warmed up and ready to go!

Let the Pros do it!

Push about 4 buttons on your phone and ship off your laundry to the Cleanahs! Receive your clean, unwrinkled clothes on hangers and ready to go. Check off to-do list and pat yourself on the back!


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