Laundry Care for Active Gear


Laundry Care for Active Gear

               Exercise is great for both the body and mind! Unfortunately, exercise also produces some of the worst laundry. Whether you’re drenching in sweat from your morning yoga class or have kids at soccer practice 4 times a week, the pile of laundry that builds up is especially daunting! We all make that load a priority in the washer, but what happens when you start to see the wear and tear from all use? Check out below for tips on keeping your most active laundry not only smelling fresh but staying strong and ready for the next round!

Don’t Mix, Just Match!

               Do everything possible to avoid mixing your active gear with your regular laundry, especially when dealing with cotton fabrics! If you have a particularly smelly batch, use a vinegar/water mix to soak your clothes in before throwing in the wash.

A Little Peroxide Goes a Long Way

               If you start to see shifting colors on those workout clothes, try mixing equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and applying to the effected area. Let it soak for 45-60 minutes, rinse, and let air dry.

Don’t Let That Sweat Soak

               If you can’t get that sweaty gear washed right away, avoid letting them sit a pile absorbing all that leftover sweat by hanging them up to dry. For an even better result, hang them up outside and let the sun do its work! Did you know the sun will actually help diminish any foul smell as its drying? Just make sure to turn delicates inside out to avoid discoloration and you’re all set!

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