Laundry Fails, and How to Fix Them


We’ve all made these common mistakes at some point or another. Whether you’re a college student about to attempt your first load, or a seasoned mother of six whose just had a long day, these solutions will help make sure laundry day doesn’t turn into an epic fail!

Laundry Fail #1: Pilling

Synthetic fabrics are usually the culprit with this fail. We recommend washing these separately, and use a gentle, short cycle. You can also turn them inside-out before washing.

Laundry Fail #2: Clothes Come Out Yellow or Grey

Hopefully you read this before your first fail! You should probably start by using more detergent and washing on a warm cycle. Also, sorting your darks and lights always helps!

Laundry Fail #3: Detergent Residue After Wash

One of the most common laundry fails! You’re probably overloading your washer. We’re all guilty of trying to get an entire months’ worth of laundry done in one shot, but if you overstuff you may just end up creating even more work for yourself.

Laundry Fail #4: Lint, Lint, and More Lint

It all comes back to sorting! Separate fleece and towels from synthetics and dark fabrics. Luckily, if you’ve already committed a laundry fail with this one you can always use a lint roller to solve the problem.


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