Save Your Clothes From Losing Their Color


It can be extremely frustrating to pull your new, favorite shirt out of the washer to find that it’s rapidly losing its color. Color loss or clothing that looks blotchy often occurs as a result of how clothing is being cared for or how it is being washed. To help protect your clothes from fading, use these tips to help.


Soak it in salt

Salt can help seal the color in your clothing. Take a bucket of water mixed with a handful of salt, then add to your regular wash cycle and detergent.


Always read the clothing label

Before you wash any clothing, follow the instructions on the care label. By following the instructions, you have a better chance of keeping your clothing in tip-top condition. Take note if you should wash it with cold water and how it should be dried.

Take note of the temperature

Heat can damage fabrics by causing fading or shrinkage. Whenever possible, wash your colored clothing in cold water to keep them vibrant. The heat from the dryer can be damaging as well, especially for bright colors. Use a hot dryer sparingly to increase the lifespan of your clothing.

Turn inside out

Get into the habit of turning your clothing inside out before washing in the machine. Doing so can prevent any color bleeding. It’s also recommended to wash the clothing of the same color palette together to keep dark colors from running onto lighter fabrics.


Finally, when shopping for laundry detergent, choose a formula designed to protect colors. Now you know how to keep your favorite clothing from fading!


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